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Ingonish Beach, NS

Our first day on the Cabot Trail was quite comical. We arrived at the South/East entrance to the trailed around 4pm. There are a series of buildings here that serve as an information center & also where you should pay for entrance to the park (though it didn’t seem very strongly enforced). We paid, used the washrooms and poked around the area. There was a beautiful freshwater lake nearby which had some very still water. We walked a few minutes down the road to a bridge, and I climbed down some rocks, twisting my ankle along the way. I setup my tripod, shot a few frames, thing one being my favorite.

We continued up the trail, exploring for hours. Around 8:45pm, Sarah looked at me and said: “I think we need to find somewhere to stay, it’s late”. Thing is, we already had a hotel paid for in Sydney, there was no way I was paying for another hotel. “We’ll just go back to Sydney”, I said. “That’s 5 hours back that way!” Sarah replied.

We turned around the car, and made our way back, no more than 17 minutes down the road, we were back to the Cabot Trail Entrance, that’s right, there is so much to see and explore on the trail, that it took us nearly 5 hours, to drive 17 minutes up the road!

f/1.0 · 1/2s · ISO 50
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