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Natural objection

High Spur Canyon in Utah. 20 feet from where this shot was taken our group had to wade through chest deep water to exit the canyon.

20mm · f/8.0 · 8s · ISO 50
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Yep, for me this is world class! Composition, post processing, texture, contrast, grey scale - I love it, thank's for sharing it!!

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Thank you very much!

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OMG this is stunning reminds me of a Nat Geo shot. well done :)

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Well done for making the Critique Gabe, Such a sweet shot it's wicked,awesome Gallery as well

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Very nice

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Well done. You took a place known for it's color, and revealed it's amazing shapes. The composition is there, and you have black blacks and white whites. This has everything a black and white photo should have.

Have Fun,

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Worth the wade. I love Utah, and you nailed it.

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Amazing work. Caught my eye right away.

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This is great. I like that it is such a fresh take on a popular subject matter. Agree with the other comments on your technical skill.

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