Dani Diamond's picture

Gianna & Gabby

85mm · f/1.8 · 1/800s · ISO 250
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Tara Teite's picture

Love this shot! The lighting is beautiful, the girls are portraying great emotion and the pose is very nice. My one point of advice is.watch for floating digits like the hand in the middle of them that looks like it isn't attached to anything :)

Jan Christian Zimara's picture

Great Shot!

But how do you mange to get both in the small area of depth of field.
Every time I try to shot as wide open as you did here but I miss focused the pictures. Unfortunately the optical viewfinder shows only down to f2.8 and I don't want to use my live view on my Canon.

I have calculated the depth of field and I manage both people to stand in a line or I go up to f3.5 but it does not give the needed bokeh :)

Do you have trick or tip and not only try and error :D

Chris Adval's picture

these girls must be professionals, or did you Dani direct them to give this vibe? It feels and sells fashion to me. Great job if that was your intent!

Fabien Theissen's picture

Love the shot. As already mentioned, they modeled very good! Only thing that bothers me a bit are the eyes. We all know that the eyes are the most important thing in such an image but I think they are just a little bit too over-processed. they stand out a little unnaturally, however, great image!

Best regards,