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Predator's Eyes

I found this Hornet in the garden and took it inside for a quick photoshoot. First I had to let it cool down in the fridge so that it wouldn't fly away or sting me. All in all i've used 6 Images @ f/11 (focusstacking) to get everything in Focus.
The Background is actually a fly (flyfishing) with a lot of holographic Flash in it. For the lighting I mainly used a ringflash and a additional speedlight to light the Background and the upper part of the hornet's face.

Canon 6D
65mm · f/11.0 · 1/50s · ISO 640
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nothing short of spectacular work, a level of quality that all macro shooters should aspire to!!

thank you very much Larry! It took me at least 3 years to get to this Level of Macro Photography!

Absolutely awesome bro!

Thanks man! Really appreciate that!

Excellent work :) Thankyou for sharing

Thank you for the kind words! ;)

You nailed it Cedric!! Stunning Shot FoSHO!!

Thank you very much! :)

love this shot. colors and shapes of lights are amazing.

Thank you very much! I'm glad to hear something from you! Love your macro work! ;)

The detail of this photo is insane. I I want the full image so i can zoom and look at all the detail. LOL. Seriously GREAT PHOTO!!!!

Thank you Joshua! Haha I know what you mean. :)


Awesome! 😁