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The Time Traveler

The St. Demetrios shipwreck at Githio, Greece is one heck of a moody location to spend the night.
The ship has been abandoned to rust trapped between the rocks approx 5m off the shore.

24mm · f/4.0 · 1/3s · ISO 4000
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Stunning shot which has a magical charm to it.
Great work

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Thank you very much Simon!
There's definitely room for improvement on this one, just gotta find the "mentality" to force myself to edit this from the beginning ( I lost the psd! ) and spending more time on the little details that I didn't notice/did carefully before.

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wonderful creation!

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Thanks Roger!

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Beautiful pic! Love the sky :d

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Thank you very much Michel!

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I chose the purple tint for the sky to get some color contrast between the sky and the sea, blue-ing the sky "nullifies" the contrast between sky-sea, almost making it look seam-less. Some people like it, some don't.

That's not haze on the horizon, it's light pollution inflicted "haze" from the cities in the background.

I did try with the ship brighter, but it looked a little fake ( considering that it's shot at night and there shouldn't be any bright bright thing in the photo ).

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Thank you for your time & feedback.
I've learned to respect everyone's opinion/ideas/thoughts, and also respect the fact that you ( and other people ) have the guts to lay out their true opinion/critique.

Respect :)

Here's an alternative edit I did earlier today


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Amazing, really dig your photos !

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Thank you very much Casey!

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Thank you <3

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Awesome shot!

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Thank you Gerald!

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Man... I really need to get away from the light pollution where I live. Northeast US is not a star friendly locale! Awesome shot!

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It's totally worth it!
The dark night sky is an amazing view and an awesome background for all kinds of scenery.
You can find worthwhile locations ( with dark skies ) using a night lights map like the one on blue-marble.de/nightlights

If you don't have a very good location near you, you can invest in a LPF ( light pollution filter ) which effectively reduces the light pollution allowing you to capture the sky as if you were in a two times darker place ;)
( it eliminates the light emission wavelengths of the common man-made lighting sources ).
You can also add a Hydrogen-Alpha filter to capture more of the blue & red emissions of the various DSO ( Deep Sky Objects such as Nebulae, weaker galaxies, etc )

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Thanks for the tips on the filters! I will check them out asap!

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This is really cool

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Thank you very much Roger!!!

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Yet another amazing shot! Well done!

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Grazie Paola!

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Wow great shot. I love them all to be honest.

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Thank you very much Andy!

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Thank you very much my dear :)