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Where were you Captain ?

This is the "Mediterranean Sky", ironically this is where it will stay eternally, under the Mediterranean Sky, half-sunk in the Mediterranean sea.
The ship belonged to a rich, yet tax-evading person, and the ship was confiscated by the Greek tax division ( IRS equiv. ) and was left to rust at Elefsina's port, but on a stormy day the ropes were cut and it sailed on its own until it hit a rock at the bottom near the shore and sunk there.

50mm · f/36.0 · 148s · ISO 100
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Great shot Bill. The movement in the clouds realy goes with the diagonals on the wreck. Inspirational. Matt

Thank you Matt!
Indeed the cloud movement luckily formed some diagonals similar to the wreck's, some luck in a generally unlucky shooting day ( had lots of rain while the prediction was partly cloudy )

Saw your time lapse on the Tony & Chelsea's show. Saw this picture knew it was yours. Weird. But good stuff!!

Fantastic work !!!

Thank you very much Ivan!

I Think this a superb image... I will put 10 stars if I could!.. Great man!

Haha, thank you very much Felix!
I really appreciate it!

All this "love" this image has been given justifies all the rain the weather decided to pour on me on that day.

i've seen lots of pics from this place but not one has been this enchanting and impressive!

Awesome shot! Very well done

Thank you very much my friend!
Same to you bro, very good photos, waiting to see more from you ;-)

One day I hope I can take photo's like this. stunning.

Thank you very much for your kind words Paul!

I'm sure you can and will.
All it takes is reading ( it's like we're back in school again haha ), reading & practicing shooting & post-processing and shooting and... repeat.
It takes some time, but with persistence and passion to drive you, we eventually end up producing amazing work ;)

yep, thats a stunner! amazing photo

Thank you very much Rob!

Awesome work! Love the story it tells

Thank you very much Mike!

nice shot

Thank you very much Alec!

Another awesome image Bill 😊

Coming from you, that's quite the compliment Chris ;)
Cheers bro!

great LE!

Thank you Kieran! I'm glad you liked it!

I love that, Bill! Such a nunsual subject.
Photographing a rusty half sunken ship in a "fine art" manner is really cool!

Thanks Matthias!
It's one of my favorite photos.
I like how it set me to look for ways to separate the shipwreck from the distractions all around it, find a way to isolate it, and then deal with the bad weather I had on that day.

What I love is this ship's durability, it is withstanding the passing of time very well in contrast to other shipwrecks.
There was an equally nice shipwreck in Andros island in Cyclades as well, but the sea "ate" it completely after cutting it in two and then three pieces.
Never made it there to photograph it ( first attempt ended up in ~1500 euro of auto repairs to my car, second was also a disaster, as I couldn't find a path to the shore and lost the light eventually, so I gave up. And boom! This year, it got sunk for good :( )

This is fantastic, Bill.

Thank you William!