IcesLand by Bill Peppas
Bill Peppas's picture


August 21, 2015
18mm · f/3.5 · 1/40s · ISO 50
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Roger Myers's picture

awesome shot bill!!!!!

Casey Wrightsman's picture

Love this !

Aidan Guerra's picture

Great Composition and light

Jacob Bingham's picture

This is super trippy! I like it!

Daniel van Duinkerken's picture

Great photo! But how is this possible? You have the exact same mountain, without any water in a different photo in your portfolio? So, it's a composite?

Bill Peppas's picture

You are correct Daniel, it's the composite of an idea I had.

Hi Ody's picture

Rotate the image 90 degrees counterclockwise and you have a dragon with its mouth open looking at you :-)