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The WaterFalls of Fall

Fall has arrived at the waterfalls of Paliokaria just outside Trikala in northern Greece.
The cold water flows eternally here, it's like an endless source is feeding the stream.

p.s. somebody cut that bloody tree haha

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Jacob Bingham's picture

I totally agree! Someone needs to chain that tree to their truck, rip it out of the ground, drag it a few mile, and burn it!! Once its been burned, the ashes need piled up on top of some TNT and blown to smithereens!!! Kidding (only slightly) but that is an incredible waterfall! just wish it could be shot more from the center...

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Nice Bill...rather than cutting the tree..which seems draconian....I am wondering if you could light paint this scene at night. Might turn out really special. you might need a helper to get the upper falls painted.

Rogan Templer's picture

Nature.... getting in the way of a good shot since time began haha - but seriously this is a cool shot BIll - nice one

Rob G's picture

Haha. Agree with the tree part. Amazing shot though Bill. :)