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Santorini by Night

The majestic Oia ( Ia ) village at Santorini island, Greece is a very beautiful and romantic place 24/7.
Whether you visit it in the morning, during the midday, at sunset or by night, it always looks so beautiful and calm.

35mm · f/9.0 · 15s · ISO 50
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Very nice, I hope to visit someday, looks amazing! nice capture!

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It is very beautiful indeed Gerald.
You should visit Santorini at least once in your lifetime!
Get your girlfriend/wife and spend 5-7 days at Santorini one summer ( July - August ), you won't regret it ( both vacation-wise and photography-wise ).

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Thanks, is it rare to get a nice burning sky there, since I see a lot of clear blue skies pictures, I am wondering if there is a good season?

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The weather in Santorini is kinda like Alpine.
It can change dramatically from time to time and day to day.
From the 7 days we spent there only 1 day had some clouds up in the sky to give us some sort of flaming sky sunset.

The "summer" kind of weather in Santorini starts from June and lasts until the end of September.
October and November are kind of autumn-ish.

I guess Spring ( April to early June ) is the best time to go there if you want to have some clouds and more chances of a burning sky.