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The Waterfalls of Paleokaria

This is an often photographed spot in Northern Greece, so I wandered around trying to find a unique perspective, a unique way to capture a unique and out of the common and ordinary shots & angles to capture the double waterfalls.

A ND filter was used to extend the exposure to several seconds in order to capture the movement of the water.

18mm · f/5.6 · 30s · ISO 50
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Creamy waters, very nice. The leaves are not sharp probably because of the long exposure, you can do composite to get away with sharpness on that.

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Thanks for the comments my friend.
You're right, the leaves aren't all sharp, even though they came from another exposure ( this is a focus stacked photo ) but I didn't pay attention to all the leaves in the field because we had to rush it in order to arrive at our target destination before the sunset

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I really like the way the waterfalls are layered (like a wedding cake).

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Great capture!