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Little Corona Beach

17mm · f/8.0 · 15s · ISO 400
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I rated this "Needs Work" because it needs some work, with the quirks ironed out this will easily become a 4-4.5star photo, really.

What needs fixing:

1) Chromatic Aberration: you've got Cyan & Green fringing around the edges of the rocks.
That's easily fixable in Photoshop. Don't know how ? just ask ;-)

2) The horizon is tilted counter-clockwise: Simply rotate the image to make the horizon straight, tilted horizons and landscape photography don't hang out together!

3) The sky needs some adjustments, basically highlight recovery ( darkening ), some contrast increase and a noise reduction ( make sure you never apply sharpening to the sky )

4) You can play with the water, brighten and whiten the water near and in-between the rocks in the foreground and middle-ground to make it pop and grab the viewer's eyes attention.

5) You can also try to "exaggerate" ( in a sense, not too much of course ) use the diagonal lines of the rocks in the foreground with the help of some dodging & burning on the foreground rocks to make them act as catchy leading lines dragging the viewer's eyes from the bottom of the frame towards the center and then with the help of the brightened water and the "curls" from the wave formations then send the viewer's eyes to the beautiful blue sky.

Give this a re-work, it is totally worth a re-processing & re-upload ;-)

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Thank You, Bill. I've only been shooting land and seascapes for a few weeks now and this info will help thanks.

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You're already at a pretty good starting point, things can only get better as you go ;)
If you need any tips let me know.

Waiting to see more shots from you buddy ;)