Bride by Lindsey Pantaleo
May 15, 2014
EZ Controller
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Niklas Hantke's picture

I love the bokeh, but I really don't understand this composition... why is she looking a bit sad "out" of the image having such a protective gesture with her left hand?

Lindsey Pantaleo's picture

Niklas, I think you are ready a bit too much into the pose. She was actually standing like this watching her groom take a few pictures. I simply asked her to stand up straight and grabbed it. Loved how it showed off her accessories. It was one of those natural moments.

Jaydie Lee's picture

There is a debate going in my mind when I look at this image, I was thinking if this is from a wedding or from a funeral, she looks sad, the flowers are not held upward. Without reading the previous comment I will not have any idea.