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Natural light portrait

Canon 6D
85mm · f/2.8 · 1/100s · ISO 2500
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Adam Peariso's picture

I absolutely love this photo. One of your best.

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Thank you)

JAZZMAN 8's picture

Seems like nothing was accented. This could have been so much more with this model. Like your work but this missed the mark in my humble opinion. Next time

Sean Archer's picture

Maybe next time)

Tom Lupton's picture

Jazzman, I'm wondering what you might have changed here?

David Rimbach's picture

yeah, I'm wondering that too. Her body is extremely accented and it's awesome!
I mean, I'd love to see her eyes but most times fantasy is far stronger than reality ever could be so that's not a negative point here.

Image Faktory's picture

Great capture . Love the lines , I think you hit the mark on this. 32 votes so far can't be wrong !!

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Thank you)

Jason Ranalli's picture

This is such a well posed (and composed) shot, lighting and everything. Really stands out!

I think you approached a scantily clad model in a very classy way here. Great work!

Sean Archer's picture

Thank you)

Andrew Herman's picture

Do you do much dodging and burning on the skin?

Sean Archer's picture

No DB here at all)

Chris Mantle's picture

Nice moody shot.
Why ISO 2500 though? Where was this shot?

Sean Archer's picture

Window light, it was quite dark here

Chris Mantle's picture

then even more impressive!!

red cat's picture

awesome !!! I like your style a lot ^^

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Joe Smith's picture

Lara Croft meets Victoria's Secret. Nice work.

mikehilton's picture

Beautifully done. Just immaculate.

Paul Robinson's picture

I love the soft feel and mood of this image. Welldone!

Sam Ralph's picture

Stunning image ....... Congrats you're work is excellent

Michael Jewels's picture

Perfect model in a perfect pose.
Very nice.

Norman Straw's picture

One of my favorite. Toning, lightning, posing etc. Wonderful!!!

ohnOMon Photo's picture

Gorgeous shot!! Stunning model!! Nice work Sean. -JP

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Thank you)

Bill Larkin's picture

very nice I like it.

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Mark Amador's picture

Hi Sean, love this capture. I believe sometimes a woman is more beautiful when she doesn't appear to notice the viewer and you've caught what feels like a candid moment. I am intrigued by how you lit the shot... afternoon sun through your studio windows? Do you mind sharing? Thanks.

Sean Archer's picture

Hi! Yes, it was just a window. Thank you Mark!

Rob Lindsay's picture

Great work! Anything extra done in post?

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