Anna by Sean Archer
November 2, 2015

Natural light portrait

50mm · f/4.5 · 1/125s · ISO 400
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Image Faktory's picture

Beautiful capture

Jason Ranalli's picture

The pose, lighting, and composition are all spot on IMO...great work!!

John John's picture

Lovely photo!!

Well done

Ben D's picture

Simply Wow.

Felix Hernandez's picture

Light, framing, expression, model... just perfect.

N a t's picture

Where do you find the models?

Sean Archer's picture

Girls next door

Anonymous's picture

Any openings in your neighborhood?

Trevor Christopher's picture

It's the water or vodka in Russia :-)

Sam Ralph's picture

Beautiful light

Jim Savage's picture

Wish I had a window like that!!!!

Alexander Russy's picture

The light from behind makes her glowing. A beauty!

Edward Shackleford's picture

Love this! Well done.

Archie Plump's picture

Back ground blown out, otherwise great.

Paul C's picture

I'm pretty sure he's doing that intentionally.

Jayson Carey's picture

um...that's kinda the point.

Paul C's picture

Absolutely stunning photo..and girl. Where are you from?

Cesar A Mendez Garcia's picture

really nice!

Anonymous's picture

Stunning photo, hope to be able to take photos as good as this

Trevor Christopher's picture

Just one great image and I will be happy

Jhairo Flores's picture

Light, poss just love it!

Al Del Degan's picture

I can't stop looking at this image.

Trevor Christopher's picture

Man you have an eye for illumination and how you connect with the models, its like she's ready to tell you everything, just ask - Yoda man

Anonymous's picture

love love love love it!

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