yellow yolk drip on white egg

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Image Faktory's picture

Looks so perfect and clean ! Looks like CGI .

Felix Furo's picture

Thanks! It is real, the egg, the yolk, everything.

William Bond's picture

Really love the clean look to this. Great job!

Felix Furo's picture

Thank you.

mariagrazia petito di leo's picture

It's a good shot. I love the angle, the composition and the lighting. But without the yolk would have looked even better to me. That yellow takes my eyes away from the all composition that is what really makes the picture. Hope you don't mind me saying that :)

Felix Furo's picture

Thanks. I added the yolk for three reasons, first to hide the glue beneath the egg, second to have a third color, otherwise it would be a duotone image, finally to have some movement/action.

Adam Flikkema's picture

Now THAT is cool!

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Richard Bell's picture

Nice. Karl Taylor inspired?

Felix Furo's picture

Thanks. Yes Karl Taylor inspired :-)