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Flat out

I really wanted to smooth out that ocean around the rock there to make it stick out in the middle so I grabbed my B+W ND filter (big stopper) and lowered my ISO enough to get a super long exposure. Iceland was very cloudy while I was there but that doesn't mean you can take any fun shots, as long as it is not too windy still have a good chance with long exposures and sea stacks to bring back some interesting stuff.

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Hi, Lovely shot - I really like it! The only reason I gave it a 3 not a 4 was that IMHO, I probably would have had my camera a little lower to isolate the rock a bit more. I wish I could have give a 3.5 tbh. I love that shoreline and I'm now on skyscanner looking at flights to Iceland! EDIT: I looked at this again, decided I was talking out of my rear end and pushed my rating to the 4 (if not 5) it deserves.

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The shoreline is incredible, and you're totally right about the smoothness of the water making that rock pop. Great shot!

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Thank you Jacob!

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