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LILY GAO // Beauty

A beauty creative in collaboration with MUA Cait Mizzi & Sutherland Model Lily Gao. Lit with a single beauty dish and using the Wescott Eyelighter & shot against blue screen with primary colour edits being achieved in Capture One and retouching in Photoshop.

Sony a7
f/5.4 · 160 · ISO 100
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Love it, great shot and beautiful retouching.

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Thanks so much Dave!

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Beautiful. I do see a bit of a blue cast from the blue screen spilling onto the edge of the model, which might have been avoided by shooting on a grey backdrop. Other than that, this is amazing!

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Thanks Réjean. The areas you are seeing is actually a slightly desaturated wash in the lower end of the midtowns. It was a stylistic choice which I preferred having previously washed the skin tone back in over the spill which I felt gave it a little more of a graphic feel, but totally appreciate your comments and just wanted to give it an explanation as to the creative choice there. Thanks so much for the compliment and comments! Its awesome to receive and thanks for taking them time to do so!