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Watch the Windmills

I live very close to Crosby beach where Anthony Gormley's Iron Men sculptures stand strong. As an photography novice I've always thought that this would be a great place to start developing my skills. Whilst I've taken plenty of half decent images here, i can honestly say that this is the one i am most proud of. As i am new to the game i would greatly appreciate ANY feedback so as to improve as i know i have an awful long way to go!!!

50mm · f/11.0 · 86s · ISO 50
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Please level the horizon. This is very irritating for me.

Looks level to me Roy, but i have had a bottle of wine..... i will try not to irritate you again.

Looking closely it does dip a little to the right, thanks for pointing it out Roy.

;) It was hard for me to give it a proper rating, because I like it but the level was throwing me off :)