Ella by Graham Mayers
November 2, 2015

Overhead strobe angled downwards modified by beauty dish with white interior and a diffusion sock on. Reflector directly under subject.

85mm · f/11.0 · 1/200s · ISO 100
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Pierre Bo's picture

Absolutely LOVE!! this photo. Gorgeous model, nice airy & very bright lighting, simple and clean composition... awesome!

Graham Mayers's picture

Thanks Pierre :)

Pierre Bo's picture

Would you mind telling me how of a beauty dish you used in the shot and how far it was positioned from the model approx.?

The next modifier I am going to invest in is definitely going to be a beauty dish (by Elinchrom, 44cm or 70cm); but I'm still torn between wether the 44cm will be a little tooo harsh if I don't position it super close to the model, but also the 70cm being too soft, thereby making a) for a less interesting light and b) being too big for my small home studio...

Thank you so much!

Graham Mayers's picture

Sure, it is a 70cm dish and I had the model right up against the wall, within 1m from the dish. I also shoot in a small space, around 5m x 4m and I am glad I went for the 70cm dish.

I've not tried the dish without the diffuser sock on yet, but will definitely try that next time. This particular shoot was all about the soft, high key light!

mikehilton's picture

Top notch work, Graham. Immaculate. Beautiful tonality.