Take a moment and focus on your fears. Are they based on violence or happiness? For most of us it would be violence, we all try to avoid the topic of violence. In this body of work, violence cannot be avoided. I want the viewer to focus on the subject of violence, what emotions are felt. What do fear and violence mean to me?

Violence and death have always been one of my major fears, as with most people. In this series I had to force myself to stop and really think about the acts of violence that surrounds us. I then had to direct each scenario, finding the line between the arts of image making and going too far over the edge of acceptance. I do feel that the implied idea comes through in these photographs without going too far. The direction and cinematic style of this project has pushed me to a whole new level.

The results of this project have caused me to grow as a photographer. I have taken on great challenges and learned a lot from them. I have focused on my own nightmares and come out with a better understanding of those fears. I now ask the viewers to take a moment to think about the subject matter and how it may affect them as an individual and in their lives.

Canon 5D Mark III
24mm · f/8.0 · 1/80s · ISO 500
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