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The Rolling Fields of Palouse

300mm · f/11.0 · 1/60s · ISO 100
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What a photo... I really like that the building appears to be placed outside the rule of third, and the “line” of trees is placed in the center. But I especially like that the photo does not appear to be overly processed like many similar landscape photos. The only problem I see, is that I would have liked it to be me, who had taken that photo :)

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Love the undulating motion depicted in the landscape - please pass the seasickness pills. Is that a granary or a ship?

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Very beautiful shot. Congratulations.

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Beautiful image. The color toning is humble while at the same time real catchy for the eyes. Also love the micro-contrast in the hills.

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I am from where this photo was shot. Well close to it. Tri-Cities, WA. This looks like an area outside of Kennewick. Might be up further north in the actual Palouse prairie, but I don't think so.

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The reply button here kills me.....

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This is a very cool and surreal looking photo, but it's a bit too surreal. Considering the current drought affecting ALL of the west, I kinda dought that this is not been altered for greenery.... but I commend you on a great composition. If it is this green there, I want to go see this.

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It was not 'altered for greenery'. Perhaps I didn't take the shot in the heat of the summer? Duh. Like you said, you've never been there, but you're apparently an expert in the drought conditions of every region in ALL the west? Also, it's spelled doubt, not dought.

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Outside Kennewick? Either Steptoe Butte are or Horse Heaven Hills?

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Sure, if its shot in May, its Spring and Green there. Lot of treasures in E Wash.

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I like very much the luminosity variation across the image

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This is a beautiful shot, the light is great and the focal length really compressed the hills - great photo!

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The Palouse seems to have an inexhaustible supply of possible frames... Exquisite tones.

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My eyes really get lost through all of those hills. Amazing!

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Well done.

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a marvelous capture

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Hello HM
I would love to see more from this area. Did you use a polarizing filter as the colors knock it out of the park? What was the sky like that gave great lighting for the beautiful image?

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Prosto nevjerovatan pejzaž.Just an incredible landscape.