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Not a Shadow of a Doubt

Nikon D750
Sigma 35mm Art
I needed to climb up and balance on a nearby handrail to get this angle right, then shot both the bride and groom one after the other with a composite image in mind but after trying it I though that leaving the white space between the images looked better. I noticed this shadow during our location scout of a nearby parkland which shows why its good to scout as close to the expected time of your shoot as this shadow wasn't there for long.

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I really like this a lot, its very creative and interesting. The only thing I would change is shooting a smidgen higher on the groom so he has a waist line like the bride does.

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Yeah good call, I basically just made them stand on the same mark to get the symmetrical look and was too interested in what their shadows were doing to see the cut off points on their actual bodies...
Next Time :-)

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Great concept!