Exploding Light Bulbs Caught At High Speeds

Exploding Light Bulbs Caught At High Speeds

Jonathan Smith is a chemist from Indiana who captures colorful light bulbs exploding at high speeds. Smith recently told Flickr in an interview “I needed something to balance out the analytical part of my brain, something that I could control and have fun doing.”

Smith packs the light bulbs with everything from feathers, ball barrings, marbles, chalk dust, sprinkles, flower peddles and even beer bottle caps. The bottom of the bulbs are removed, topped off, then shot in his garage with a sound activated flash trigger to freeze the explosion.

Yahoo Screen released a 3 minute interview along with a Flickr blog post from his work. Find more of Jonathan Smith's work on Flickr and his website.

John_Smith01 John_Smith02 John_Smith03 John_Smith04 John_Smith05 John_Smith06


Via laughingsquid.com 

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