[Pics] 20 Amazing Macro Photographs Of Human Eyes

I've seen a lot of macro shots of eyes before but nothing with the detail of these shots by Suren Manvelyan. I had always heard that like a fingerprint, each human eye is totally unique and I finally understand that after seeing these images.

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Absolutely incredible!

Jackson Henney's picture

Disgustingly amazingly awesome! They remind me of craters found on planets like Mars :)

9gag brought me here :)

Roberto Sacasa's picture

I have a pic kinda like that :) But really great great job!!


Jayce Van Der Linden's picture

didnt know there was so much texture to your eyes... incredible!

Pretty cool shots.  Check this one out.. you can zoom in and see my bald head in the reflection. LOL


That's true!!1 nice reflection on your bald head!! lol (by the way nice shot also)

Many thanks :)  The sigma 180mm macro is a killer lens. 

Wow, some of these are freaking me out. But still...very nice shots. 

Elliott.G.Montello's picture

Amazing...but kinda gross at the same time :P

and just to think, this was all an accident.