More Ideas for Creative Self-Portraits at Home

You don't need a model to practice your portraiture; you'll do just fine yourself! Here are some more ideas on creative and unusual self-portraits for you to try.

Self-portraiture is a tricky subgenre of photography. Not only does it require all the technical knowledge, creativity, and direction of ordinary portraiture, but you have to juggle posing and operating the camera too. Many people start out with self-portraits through lack of confidence — myself included — but it's worth picking it back up from time to time to see what you can create.

A few weeks ago I shared Pierre T. Lambert's video of three unique self-portrait ideas. He tried some pretty tricky shots and come away with some strong shots. Well, he's back again with a few more ideas and they're worth a look. His dead-eyed image looking at his phone is a little too close for home for my liking though!

Have you shot any self-portraits while in isolation? Share them in the comment section below?

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Jenny Rich's picture

Self-portraits have never been my strong side, I've alwsys preferred shooting other people. Now with this pandemic I just HAVE to learn how to do self-portraits, lol. Thanks for the ideas, I'm running out of them. Also I'd be happy to see an article on lightning while shooting self-portraits, I struggle with it all the tima and have to add photoworks color correction almost to every picture. Idk about youm guys, but for me shooting at home SUCKS.

Catherine Bowlene's picture

I'm here with you, I'm fine with selfies but self-portraits is another side of the moon for me.