The 'Missing' Arm On The Cover Of Vogue Russia: Photoshop Or Angle?

The 'Missing' Arm On The Cover Of Vogue Russia: Photoshop Or Angle?

The August cover of Vogue Russia has a small issue that people have been talking about. They have been questioning whether or not it was another Photoshop mishap or just a matter of angle? The beautiful model, Natasha Poly, graces this cover and we can assure you she has all her limbs intact. We'd like to know your thoughts on whether or not this is just a matter of angle, or if the missing arm was definitely an oversight. 

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Could be either angle or carelessness in post?  I'm going with angle though as I think it's possible for her to have her hand where it is and her arm obscured by her neck and head. 

She looks skinny. I'm going with shooting and posing angle.

Dude have you seen Annie Leibovitz’s shoot with Karli Kloss with the Olympians for Vogue June 2012? The retouching looks worse than this.

Definitely angle. You can see the shadow of the arm behind her head.

That is crappy post.  If you see the angle of the wrist (where it doesn't bend anywhere past that point) is pointing about 45 degrees NW and back slightly (looking at the image), her arm would be visible.... unless she has a stub arm...  which I'm assuming could be the case because it's cold in Russia. =)

Either way, its a horrible cover.

angle, i really don't like the shot anyway.

Your not wrong about the Olympic shots by Leibovitz Tam. No correlation between athlete and supermodel

Angle, the right arm is behind the head.

Terrible shot..even if it's just the angle..nobody wants "Thing" appearing out of nowhere.

Photoshop, it would be physically impossible otherwise, they obviously had a freak out at last minute when the text was overlaying her arm and clashed with the red text so they took the arm out. either way its a horrible shot though.

 Not physically impossible.  Her left arm is extended and that is her right hand you are I assume her right arm is merely hidden behind her head.  If you were seeing left hand...then yes physically impossible.  I Don't think this is a photoshop mishap.

Finally thats about it, its not the same arm....

she could be one of those circus contortionists

now i gotta find a june vogue USA

It is her right hand that you are seeing, so it is just the angle.  If it were her left arm then her thumb would be facing the camera.  Alternatively, she may have lived near Cheronbyl as a child and any sort of deformity of limbs is possible. Not a fan of the pic generally.

Maybe she needs a snickers bar and thicken those limbs up so they are visible with the human eye.

The hand that we can see is the right arm , so is not missing is just the angle

Like Moldoveanu said.. It´s the right hand not left. So its the angle that makes it a second thinker.

Angle, totally possible.

Try this in front of a mirror: it is the angle. although as a photographer I wouldn't let anyone see this. Where there's a hand, there's gotta be an arm so it is the photographers duty to see to that. If a retoucher hat remove an arm like this, I'd be on his neck ...

Don't know if this has already been pointed out ... but all you have to do is look for the thumb.  Angle.

having just tried to do this... photoshop error. there is no way her shoulder can rotate that far back


What is all this fuss about?

Angle, clearly. Stupid post.

It's PhotoShop. It is physically impossible at that angle to hide the arm. Going off of the angle of her hand, the arm would be very visible on the side/above her head. Try it in the mirror. You will see a your arm......for sure.

Or she is a mutant and she is a gorilla woman. And in this case, it's possible.

I think it's the angle of the shot. 

Angle, its terrible 

hahah her hand is growing out of her head. the new hand pony tail. *smh how awful

Russian people have missing arms when photographing.

Are you guys serious?!?! It's not the ANGLE, it's photoshopped. 

she needs a sandwich

Shopped. Period. Crappy shot either way.

This is not even worth a debate.. clearly not a photoshop job above the usual skin dusting and eye work.   let's do a little human anatomy quiz..  if you hold your left arm up, and drop it over your head as she is, then your thumb would be facing camera and your palm facing out.  so now, lift your right arm up over your head and grab your left ear.   That is what she is doing.  Haters always gotta hate when it's not their image on the cover of a magazine!  ;)   ...granted, that palm shape of her hand at this angle looks like an inflated latex glove, and would not of been my select.

Its camera angle. It it were her hand from the arm closest to the camera, you would see her thumb on her hand not her pinky finger. The hand that you see is on the arm farthest from the camera. She has her elbow dropped so you cant see it behind her.

If you are not obese you can hide your hand like this. Especially if you are flexible. I tried it ... works.