Introduction to Adobe Premiere

A Video Editing Tutorial

If you have a camera that shoots photos, it can almost certainly shoot equally good-looking video. We live in an era where the demand for high quality video is starting to surpass that of still images. So, if your camera can shoot video as well as it can shoot stills, what's stopping you from participating in the growing demand for video? If the answer is editing, this tutorial is for you.

Download this 2 Hour Tutorial

If you have a camera that shoots photos, it can almost certainly shoot equally good-looking video. We live in an era where the demand for high quality video is starting to surpass that of still images. So, if your camera can shoot video as well as it can shoot stills, what's stopping you from participating in the growing demand for video? If the answer is editing, this tutorial is for you. 

Intro to Premiere

As photographers, we understand the need for good post-processing. An image that has been edited well makes it stand out from the crowd; it's what separates decent photography from excellent photography. The same is true for video. A well-edited video will catch the attention of the viewer and hold it. While many of us photographers have learned how to process an image to its fullest potential, we lack the ability to put a compelling video together.

The prospect of learning new software can be daunting. This tutorial is designed for those who want to start their education from the beginning. We walk through all the major tools available in Adobe Premiere and show the process of cutting clips together, adding music, and adjusting each clip to look and sound like you want it to. To help keep the learning process practical, we have provided all the files that Lee works on so that you can follow along and apply each concept immediately. By the end of the first section, we will have assembled a short commercial together.

What's Included 

  • Creating a project and sequence
  • Importing footage
  • Cutting, syncing, and assembling video and audio clips
  • Managing audio levels
  • Color correction
  • Adding video and audio effects
  • Keyframing
  • Managing multiple frame rates
  • Nesting
  • Exporting
  • Time-saving techniques 
  • A set of files to work along with, including interview clips, general b-roll, drone clips, time-lapses, photos, and music

Lee and Patrick started as professional photographers, but have now been filming Fstoppers videos for 10 years. This tutorial breaks down their 10 years of editing experience into two hours of easy-to-follow instructions.

Editing shouldn't be stopping you from utilizing the full potential of your camera or business. This is the easiest and fastest way to take learn to edit video in Adobe Premiere.

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great news !

How reverent will this be to PP CS6 users?

Everything should still be the same except for color grading. The new “lumetri color” panel isn’t in the older versions.

Great course Lee! cuts down to the chase without the unnecessary frills.. great for photographers wanting to learn video editing without the stress of time commitments of having to spend hours learning new software skills..

Looks great, photographers need to be able to do video editing even if it's just to be able to make interesting promos for social media etc.

Lean now before you're left any further behind still photographers! video isn't going away...

Would be fun to learn, such a delight. Alas, I use IMovie, the best I can do for now. Good Price PS on class.

Okay...this course was actually perfect for me. The course is quick, right to the point and covers exactly what I needed to know. I know there is a whole rabbit-hole that you could fall down if you wanted when it comes to video, but for photographers looking to add some video work, this course has you covered in spades. I can't wait to start adding some video work to my skill set. You should buy this course, give it a try and see for yourself. The price is great and Fstoppers does honor their money back guarantee. I used on one of the many courses I have through them and they refunded my money without question or hesitation. So, you literally have nothing to lose by buying the course and trying it out. Great work Fstoppers team!

So far I watched part 1 and I learned so much! Great tutorial.

Are you planning a tutorial on filmmaking? Since I know now the basics of editing I'd love a tutorial that teaches me your way of creating videos (for example "cinematic portrait videos" of a person or a couple).

We might or might not have a basics of shooting video course being produced right now ;-)

Are you able to pause video and go back to rewatch things?

Yes, the video comes as a digital download so you'll be able to have access to it and watch it like any other video on your computer as long as you'd like to keep it.

Downloading now...I'm sure this will help me out a lot!

Is there a tutorial from Fstoppers similar to this for Lightroom by chance? I feel like there was, but probably glossed over it.

Yes. It’s in the store. Pye is the host.

I like your style of video editing, Lee, that's why this is the perfect tutorial for me, although i'm natively german speaking. I am looking forward to learning from you.

Thanks! Keep in mind this is an intro to editing so I don’t go over very many editing styles. It was created to simply teach Adobe Premiere.

I watched the whole tutorial, did some editing with the clips and i can say now, this is right what i wanted!! And as you said, the tutorial covered the most i need. Thanks! Maybe there will be an additional course in the future with advanced techniques... :-)

OK .. bought it .. this weekend you'll be my teacher Lee .. ;)

Cool, let me know how you like it

well couldn't wait for the weekned .. went over it and managed to edit a small video of my own .. the concepts are well covered .. now other tutorials in youtube (specially for additional effects) is starting to make sense .. very nice .. would love to have similar videos in the future .. (y)

Glad to hear it. We are currently wrapping up a tutorial on DSLR video which will also go more into depth in Premiere.

Can I buy as hard copy, my internet is impossibly slow and it would take months to download this?

Unfortunately we do not offer this in a hard copy. If you purchase it through the store, we will renew the links as often as you need to help with the download. Also, if you find yourself a faster connection you can always download it remotely to help with the transfer.

Thank you Patrick, I will purchase it than as I want to document my photography trips and I am not good at editing.

Does it cover timelapse stitching and processing?

I touch on timelapse in this but I do not go into great depth.

My mother always warned me not to trust men who wear hats indoors or while driving.

Can you be trusted that this is a good purchase to make?

Haha if you don't like it we offer a 100% money back guarantee.

I loved this Tutorial, makes Premiere so much easier to Learn. I tried several other ones and find it too confusing. I find most of the Fstoppers videos like this one and the Mark Kelley Architectural so easy to follow and working files to help learn what you see.

Hi there, this looks great, do you have a tutorial for After Effects?

hey guys, I think you should look at producing a tutorial on Final Cut Pro as well.

Hi There, I just purchased the Premier Pro Editing tutorials and having trouble with one of the work files. When importing Interview2.mp4, there does not appear to be an audio with it....when I drag in interview1.mp4 to V1, I have both video and audio, but when I drag in interview2.mp4 to a different V(2), I still do not get the audio with it. What am I doing wrong? Thanks in advance!

I've sent you an email. Please check it for instructions.

Hey guys, i was really enjoying this tutorial, about 40 mins in. I turned my computer off yesterday, came back today and all the files/edits have vanished from my project..totally blank apart from project name. Not a problem to start again as it's good practice, but would like it this time not to disappear! Can you advise? I can see PP auto save files in documents. Thanks.

Thanks for providing this basic information about the premiere pro. I enjoy this tutorial and learn much more about Premiere pro

i cant open this files. anybody here to help?

file downloads in MS word format and i suppose its meant to be a video. Ms words says file cannot be open because its too huge. what software supports these files?

Hi Paschal,
When you download the files, you need to extract them from the folder. After extraction you need to open them using a video player. If you have any further trouble, contact us at

I bought this, used it, really loved it - especially the extra techniques / keyboard mapping stuff...which seems to have disappeared..I'd love to download the original set again but it has disappeared from my account. I've emailed support last week but heard nothing. halp!

Hi Clint,
Sorry if your query didn't get a response. Can you email me at