The Capture One Wedding Workflow

Cull, Edit, and Retouch Your Wedding Photos Faster

With Quentin Decaillet

Quentin Decaillet, an incredible wedding photographer and a Capture One ambassador, will be your instructor in this 2+ hour tutorial on how to edit your weddings as fast as possible using Capture One.

This video tutorial includes
  • 2+ Hours of Content
  • 2 Videos
  • 66 Raw Files
  • A Full Wedding Edit
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Instant Download
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One of the most time-consuming aspects of wedding photography is by far the editing process. As photographers, it's easy to settle into a post-processing routine that takes hours longer than it should. For a large majority of wedding photographers, the post-production can take longer than the entire day of shooting the wedding. Most of us fail to stop and consider just how much time we could save if we only spent a little effort learning how to make our own workflow more efficient. Sometimes, that even means changing our process significantly!

A Faster Wedding Workflow

Most photographers gravitate toward Adobe Lightroom without realizing there are other options that might make their workflow faster. That's the route Quentin Decaillet went before he realized he could edit his wedding better and more quickly using Capture One software. Now, as a Capture One ambassador, Quentin is equipped to teach his full wedding post-processing workflow and demonstrate how you can cut down your editing time dramatically. 

What's Included in This Tutorial?

Whether you're brand new to Capture One or you've used it for years, Quentin teaches a variety of techniques at an easy-to-follow pace. The tutorial starts with the basics of importing, organizing, and culling your files quickly and efficiently. You'll then move on to editing each part of the day using the full extent of tools Capture One offers. Finally, Quentin will show you several time-saving techniques for exporting multiple versions of your images. 

Setting Up the Catalog

  • Creating Catalog Templates
  • Importing Files Efficiently

Culling Files Quickly

  • Creating a Workspace Dedicated to Wedding Culling
  • Combining the Catalog Folder Structure with Stars and Labels

Efficient Editing

  • Creating a Workspace Dedicated to Wedding Editing
  • Automatic Adjustments for a Better Experience
  • Mosaic Editing Basic Settings in an Instant
  • Using the Normalize Tool for Perfect Results
  • Skin Work Within Seconds Without Photoshop
  • Advanced Color Correction Made Simple
  • Stand Out with Local Adjustments
  • Color-Grading Quickly and Easily with Styles

Exporting in One Click

  • Proofing Before Exporting
  • Using Process Recipes to Export in Multiple Formats

Regardless if you are a seasoned professional wedding photographer or you are still working towards making wedding photography a full-time business, we know this tutorial will help you not only improve your efficiency with culling and editing your images, but also help you deliver the absolute best quality images to your wedding clients. 

Meet Your Instructor

About Quentin Decaillet

Quentin Decaillet is a beauty and wedding photographer based in Switzerland. He is an ambassador of Capture One.

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This looks like a great course! I don't do weddings but I shoot Seniors. Question; Capture One is releasing a new version in a few weeks. Is this using version 20 or version 21?

Hi Jim - The material is based on Capture One 12 - They jumped to 20 starting from 2020

Hi. I just purchased this course material. I am a seasoned wedding Photographer and moved over from LR to CAP-One about a year and a half ago. Most of my Capture One training is from the watching Youtube Channels related to Capture One. If you are a wedding photographer and new to Capture One or you are thinking about moving to Capture One, this workshop will aid you with the following

01| How to import files to a destination drive and alternate backup drives.
02| Custom naming functions & saving presets for naming conventions
03| Creating user selections and culling images in CAP1 if you don't use Photomechanic or Adobe Bridge
04| Tagging images with star or colour ratings and how to organise them in your library.
05| Making use of the Tool sets "Focus & Exposure" during during your selection process.
06| How to create customise Tool Set and Menus
07| How to effectively create you own Keyboard shortcuts related to things like Exposure settings, Layer Masks etc -
08| Creating & Saving your own customised Workspaces
09| Using the "Compare " & "Normalise" tool when wanting precise colour, especially on skin tones
10| Using Colour editor - Skin Tone Adjustments-Smoothness & Uniformity Apply to all images
11| How to use the Tool set "Compare" & "Normalise" for precise colour adjustments across multiple images
12| How to effectively use layers and adjustments when making changes to certain parts of the image
13| Brush Adjustments - Inverting to manipulate certain areas of the picture related to exposure
14| Using Radial masks to create softer selections
15| Auto Adjust Tool - Selecting what will be adjusted
16| Using Colour editor to adjust individual colours
17| Using alignment tools to straighten images - especially the Keystone Tool
18| Using Colour editor to adjust individual colours
19| Using The Colour Balance Tool to correct colour casts
20| Creating Styles and saving them
21| Process Recipes for image output
22| Using the proofing button to view the print output

If you are a seasoned Capture One user this course might not be for you, although I did find a few "gold nuggets" which I intend applying to my own workflow, so it was worth the purchase for me, and because the content was a wedding edit, I could relate to the presenter.

The course material also includes real wedding images, so you can follow along nicely and edit with the presenter at the same time.

I’m using the latest version of CP1, is purchasing this course appropriate?

Even if tutorial is 2 years old I learned a lot of nice tricks.
It's nice to have a tutorial which isn't 16 hours long and goes straight to the point !
I'm confident that I'll be able to save quite some time processing pictures now.

I have been using Capture One for many years, however this tutorial still has some great ideas that I can add to my current workflow. Everyone is different and therefore most can learn from another's workflow. Quick question regarding the private Facebook site mentioned above - how do you go about subscribing to this?

Quentin's Facebook group is reserved for people who have purchased the tutorial. If you purchased it, you'll be able to access it through the link in your confirmation email.