The Complete Capture One Editing Guide

With Quentin Decaillet

As a Capture One ambassador, a long standing Fstoppers writer, and an extremely talented beauty and wedding photographer, Quentin Decaillet is the perfect instructor to guide you through Capture One so you can make creative edits both effortlessly and efficiently.

This video tutorial includes
  • 5 Hours of Content
  • 11 Video Files
  • 23 Raw Files to Follow Along
  • 3 Full "Real World" Edits
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Instant Download
Download This 5 Hour Tutorial

Creating world class imagery requires more than technical know-how of your camera; it also requires fine tuned post processing to give it a final look . For many professional photographers, Capture One is their first choice when it comes to having a fast and efficient editing workflow. With so many software options out on the market, Capture One is highly regarded as being one of the best options for working on set with clients and for perfecting colors.

The Best Way to Learn Capture One

In an industry where time is money, having an efficient and effective photography workflow is crucial, especially when it comes to editing. Whether you're giving Capture One a try for the first time or you've owned it for years, it's likely that there are aspects of the software that you're not taking advantage of that can elevate your work or save you hours of your day. With over 20 exercise files and four start to finish image edits to follow along with, this five hour tutorial will give you a concise and comprehensive understanding of how to best utilize Capture One in your own photography. 

Your Instructor

Quentin Decaillet specializes in beauty, fashion, and wedding photography and has been an Fstoppers writer for many years. Not only does he consistently produce world class imagery, he is also a Capture One ambassador making him the perfect instructor to teach you how to use this software to its full potential. Quentin knows the ins and outs of every shortcut and tool and how to best apply them in a professional workflow. 

What's Included in the Tutorial?

The Complete Capture One Editing Guide is designed to walk you through this software at your own pace, starting with the very basic steps of opening a raw image all the way to the most advanced image processing Quentin is known for in his own work. Each lesson includes all the working files so you can work along side Quentin each step of the way.

We've also included an entire section on how to take advantage of tethering so you can make your own shooting experience smoother and more professional. Included with the download is a pdf time sheet that will let you jump to a specific section within each lessons you can quickly learn and revisit specific techniques quickly and easily. Quentin will cover the following topics and more:

The Basics

  • Sessions
  • Importing
  • Library Tools and Files Organization
  • Basic Color Tools
  • Basic Exposure Adjustments
  • Advanced Exposure Tools
  • Simple Color Correction with the Color Balance Tool 
  • Advanced Color Work with the Color Editor
  • Crop, Perspective and Lens Correction
  • Sharpening, Noise Reduction, and Details Tools
  • Applying Settings to Multiple Images
  • Exporting Images with Adjustments
  • Matching Exposure and Color of Two Images
  • Creating EIP Files


  • Catalogs vs. Sessions
  • Keywords, Keywords library, and Metadata
  • Creating a Catalog
  • Importing Sessions in Catalogs

Shooting Tethered

  • Required Equipment
  • Connecting Your Camera to Capture One
  • Shooting Tethered
  • Tweaking Files on the Fly

Mastering Layers

  • Adjustment Layers
  • Luma Range Masks
  • Radial and Linear Mask Tool
  • Color Based Masks
  • Healing and Cloning Layers

Supercharge Your Workflow

  • Custom Workspaces
  • Custom Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Sessions and Catalogs Templates
  • Styles and Presets
  • Faster Culling with Exposure Warnings and Focus Masks

Four Full Image Edits

It was important for us to not only show you a complete overview of Capture One's individual tools and how to best use them, but we also wanted you to see Quentin's workflow in action. For the final part of this tutorial, Quentin edits four images as he would for his own clients. The files for this section are also included which means you can either follow along step for step, or take creative liberties of your own with the image edits. 

Meet Your Instructor

About Quentin Decaillet

Quentin Decaillet is a beauty and wedding photographer based in Switzerland. He is an ambassador of Capture One.

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I love that this exists, and doubtless I'll get it. But I wish there was at least some emphasis on landscape photography. Or alternatively, that another lesson series will be made for landscape/cityscape. Thanks.

Have you checked out Elia Locardi's series? I know that He covers the use of capture one in a few of his lessons, prior to taking the reulst into photoshop.

I own them all. So yeah I know it's pretty well-covered ground, but he doesn't do that much with Capture One.

There's a Spanish photographer (ProcessingRAW) on Youtube that does focus on landscape. You could try to follow along. He has a complete CaptureOne tutorial (35 videos or 12h)

Thanks for the recommendation.

I completely agree. Apparently the course offered would be excellent for those using tethered capture and those needing advanced skin editing techniques. David Grover and Phase One offer(s) many free tutorials featuring the use of Capture one for landscape images,"street images", etc., etc. I do NOT mean in anyway to demean the author or minimize the instruction offered which apparently is excellent and both well intended and received. Indeed, I hope that the author would consider an advanced course in the use of Capture One for editing of landscape and more prosaic tasks.

I'm super excited about this! Thanks for putting this out there for us!

Of course it is a guide only to capture one, but they should include export and import to Photoshop, even the ambassadors have to use it for special cases.

This is included. The tut also describes use cases for Photoshop when appropriate.

Hi, I purchased this tutorial. Is there a FB group for it?

Yes, you should have received a link to it in your download email. If you can't find it, feel free to message me.

Thanks i"ll check those emails again.

Would love to see another tutorial from Quentin where he could go further with actually showing his Photoshop techniques for beauty retouching and the workflow from Capture One to Photoshop. The course was great and I know it’s meant to be focused on Capture One but left me wanting/curious for more of the advanced Photoshop techniques. A similar landscape Capture One editing tutorial would be awesome as well.

Hi all. Would you recommend this for beginners? Please advise

Hi Patrick,
Quentin approaches these lessons starting with the very basics. If you've never used Capture One, you should be able to follow along just fine.

Hi, I'd like to know what's version of Capture One Pro that instructor was using for this tutorial. Thanks.

I guess 11 or 12. At least not the actual version 20.