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5 Great Tips for Better Sunrise Landscape Photos

Sunrise can be a magical time for landscape images, and if you are one of those brave people who can roll out of bed in time to make it out to shoot it (seriously, how do you do that?), you can often come home with some really beautiful photos. This excellent video tutorial will give you five tips for taking better sunrise shots.

How Flags Can Help You Control Light

Successfully crafting light in photography is just as much about keeping it out of places it should not be as it is about controlling how it falls on your subject. This excellent video tutorial will introduce you to a fundamental tool for removing light from a scene, flags, and show you how they can improve your photos.

Check Out These Great Three-Light Setups

You can produce great images with a wide range of lighting setups ranging from natural light all the way up to several lights. However, a three-light setup is often a sweet spot for a lot of photographers, as it provides a lot of versatility while still being relatively manageable. This excellent video will show you a range of creative three-light setups you can use for your own images.

The Benefits of Using a Grid With a Softbox

Softboxes are by far some of the most commonly used lighting modifiers, but they are not perfect. One of the most useful ways you can augment a softbox's functionality is by adding a grid. This excellent video will show you how to use a grid on a softbox and why it will make your work easier and better.

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