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The Usefulness of Grids for Controlling Light

Artificial lighting can be a lot to try to learn when you are new to the subject, with a wide variety of tools, setups, rules, and techniques to get down. One of the most useful tools is the grid, and this excellent video will introduce you to how they work and when you should consider using them for your own work.

Creative Waterdrop Photography You Can Try at Home

Waterdrop photography can be a great way both to practice your technical skills and to experiment with your creativity, plus it is just a ton of fun. This great video will show you how you can set up your own miniature splash studio at home using just your normal gear and a couple of items you likely already have laying around the house.

Helpful Tips on Posing for Self-Portraits

With all the lockdowns across the world due to the coronavirus pandemic, quite a few photographers have been left without subjects to shoot. If you want to keep shooting, you might have considered turning to self-portraits but be at a loss for how to pose yourself. If you are struggling with that, this fantastic video tutorial features professional models giving a range of helpful tips for posing in self-portraits.

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