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Wyatt Michalek
Toronto, ON, CA
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I'm an expert day dreamer, and use photography and art to make sense of the world around me.

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Marek Michalek's picture

Wow, stunning images Mr. Michalek! Maybe we're related. ;)

Wyatt Michalek's picture

Thank you good Sir. Perhaps we are. :P

Love your work, the way you get emotion to images is just something else.

Wyatt Michalek's picture

Thanks Karl! Appreciate the support!

Cris Magsino's picture

Photographic art! Love your work mate :)

Wyatt Michalek's picture

Thanks Cris, Means a lot.

Caleb Alvarado's picture

Love love your work!

Wyatt Michalek's picture

Wow, thanks Caleb.

Caleb Alvarado's picture

You shoot film at all?

Wyatt Michalek's picture

Here and there. Use to do more of it, but kinda slowed down. Though I have some film and cameras waiting for me, I just need to think of a project.

Caleb Alvarado's picture

very cool... been looking on here for film shooters but they are so hard to find. I am a big film shooter.

Wyatt Michalek's picture

Very nice, I'll for sure share any shots I do on film. It's sad that it's becoming such a rarity.

Paul Monaghan's picture

Very dreamy work, thanks for sharing.

Wyatt Michalek's picture

Thanks Paul!

Love your work man!

Wyatt Michalek's picture

Thanks Christopher, means a lot!

Fraser West's picture

Great work man. That banner photo is amazing

Wyatt Michalek's picture

Thanks Fraser, happy you like it, one of my favorite photos of my parents. :-P Really like your work too, quite refreshing.

Christian Webb's picture

Great work man. Wow. You've got quite a style. Thanks for following lil' ol' me! Much appreciated!

Wyatt Michalek's picture

Thanks Christian, but I'm nothing big. I'm just doing what I love. Keep up the awesome work yourself!

David Vaughn's picture

Thanks for the follow! :D

Wyatt Michalek's picture

Not a problem.

Daniele Zedda's picture

Awesome stuff, I really like the mood.

Wyatt Michalek's picture

Thanks Daniele