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Philip Vukelich
Moscow, ID
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My name is Philip Vukelich. I am a northwest regional photographer specialized in portrait and editorial photography. I am currently working towards my undergraduate degree in chemistry at the University of Idaho. I have been employed as a photojournalist at theUniversity's bi-weekly newspaper, the Argonaut, since the fall of 2011 and am currently the photo editor for Blot magazine.

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What up Philip! Glad to see you made it here!

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Hey Patrick! I'm glad to see you guys made this a reality! I remember sitting around at dinner one night in Dubai talking to you and Lee about how you wanted to make Fstoppers a community. When you put your minds to something, you make it happen. But seriously, it's already been over a year? Crazy.
I still can't thank you enough for Dubai. Hopefully after I graduate and get a job that pays real money I'll be able to finance a trip to one of the future Fstoppers workshops. =)