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Is Film Still Relevant in Filmmaking?

A photographer or filmmaker's equipment is probably one of the most hotly debated topics, as anyone familiar with photography forums can tell you. There are arguments both for and against either a "fully stacked" or a "minimalist" approach. Dan Mace takes both in this video.

Is Expensive Camera Gear Really Not That Important?

Fashion photographer Peter Coulson is back with another video showing us his process of seeing light. This time he takes an even more minimal approach than his previous videos to prove that expensive gear isn't always needed to produce quality photography.

Capture One Drops Branded Versions for Nikon, Sony, and Fujifilm Cameras

In the run-up to some big upcoming changes, Capture One has announced that they will be dropping their single brand versions of Capture One. Current users of these variants of Capture One 22 will be offered a free upgrade to Capture One Pro 22 or will be offered the standard upgrade pricing for those still using the previous version of Capture One.

What Do You Lose When Compressing Images With JPEG?

We encounter and use JPEG files daily, but rarely do we give any thought to what the process entails. More importantly to us as photographers, what data do we lose when using this lossy image compression technique?

8 Must-Haves for Making Videos in Your Home Studio

Most YouTubers have set up their home studios bit by bit and learned how to achieve the shots and looks that they want by trial and error. In this video, veteran photographer and YouTuber Becki, of the duo Becki & Chris, shares eight tips that they've learned over the years, and I think they just might help you.

Strengthen Your Eyesight With This Simple Daily Routine

As photographers, our perception of the world around us is our most important tool, and our only interface to the visible world. There's much to be said about reducing screen-time, but it may not be practical for everyone. Instead, here's another way to relieve your eyes; with a simple daily routine.

Check Out This DIY Projector Lens Mod To Get Swirly Bokeh for Cheap

Adapting lenses to different camera mounts isn't something that is new to photographers. This photographer shares some specific DIY steps to adapt cheap projector lenses to a mirrorless camera. The result? Beautiful f/1.2 swirly, bokeh-filled images.