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[BTS] The Wade Brothers Film "House Of Fly 53"

This is a pretty cool time lapse of the production of the Wade Brothers shoot "House Of Fly 53". It's a pretty interesting concept that incorporates both a 10 minute video and a series of images used for print and web advertising. The incredible part of all of this was that both the video and stills were shot at exactly the same time, which saved production and talent costs.

[BTS] Ryan Schude Photographs "The Diner"

In this video , Ryan Schude walks us through his incredibly complex image "The Diner". This is an incredibly complex scene which was shot at an old diner in LA and was lit entirely as one scene.

[Workflow] Complete Erik Almas Composite And Edit In 3 Minutes

Earlier today we posted a great behind the scenes video from Erik Almas that dealt mainly with shooting the elements for a composite, this video however takes you from the point where he finishes shooting, to the completion of the final image.

[BTS] Brett Warren Shoots "The Ugly Duckling"

Brett Warren is a photographer based out of Nashville, TN who studied under Annie Leibovitz. You can definitely see the Leibovitz influence in his finished work and in how he lights his subjects. For most of his work he uses a single light source balanced with natural light, which is very similar to some of the behind the scenes videos and images we've seen from Annie Leibovitz herself.

[BTS] Erik Almas Shoots An Amazing Composite For Credit Suisse

Erik Almas is definitely one of my favorite photographers and this behind the scenes video does a great job of explaining his process for creating his amazing composite images. I really like this video because in addition to just the photography, it speaks to the idea and inspiration behind the photography, and why they chose to shoot what they did.

[BTS] Chris Crisman Shoots Lifestyle Photography In Florida

Chris Crisman is a advertising and editorial photographer who, after a series of missed jobs, set out to add an entirely new branch to his business, lifestyle photography. This video offers a behind the scenes look at his trip, as well as a glimpse at how he shoots and some of his lighting set ups.

[Workflow] Green Screen Tutorial From Vincent Laforet

Working with a green screen can be fairly intimidating for videographers who have never used it before, but Laforet Visuals just released a great new tutorial that breaks everything down for you and shows you the whole process. It's a fairly long tutorial but it's very detailed, and definitely worth your time if you ever wanted to know how some of Hollywood's most amazing sequences were put together.

[BTSV] Drew Gardner Shoots "The Zebra"

I feel like a lot of us would be hesitant to bring an unruly dog to a photoshoot, but London based photographer Drew Gardner has really pushed the envelop with his latest image “The Zebra”, which involves, you guessed it, a zebra! In the video Drew gives us some insight into the planning of the shot, as well as some great footage of the shoot.