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Brian Andrew's Blurs The Line Between Human and Animal

Using salvaged x-ray films and a somewhat disturbing design sense, Brian Andrews video "Hominid" has blurred the lines between human and animal anatomy. The resulting video is the result of a year of work with Ex'pression College of Digital Arts, mapping the movements of different animals to create a realistic blend between the two or more species being represented.

Ever Want To Throw Your Camera? Here's Your Chance

If you've ever dropped your camera, and I have, you'll know that sickening sound of plastic and metal hitting concrete and the immediate surge of fear that follows when you realize that many thousands of dollars of delicate equipment could now be mangled beyond repair. In my case it was a Nikon D3 with a Nikon 17-35mm f/2.8 attached falling from about 3 feet on to concrete. Ouch. But what if there was a camera that was DESIGNED to be dropped and even thrown?

Couple Uses a GoPro In Bride's Bouquet

The GoPro camera has been responsible for some of the most incredible and in your face videos of the past few years, but this is something a little different. San Diego Photographer Ben Horne decided to put a GoPro HD Hero 2 in his bride's bouquet to create a really unique wedding video.

UK Advertising Standards Authority Bans New Dior Ads

The ever vigilant UK watchdog group the Advertising Standards Authority has banned yet another advertisement from appearing in any UK markets. The offending Dior Ad, featuring Natalie Portman was cited for being over photoshopped and Dior has agreed to withdraw the ad without a fight. This is probably due to the fact that if they were to stage a formal appeal, they would be forced to argue that they didn't over retouch the image in the ad.

Timothy White Shoots For Vanity Fair's Hollywood Issue

Timothy White has always been one of my favorite photographers and in this video he gives us a quick talk about his inspiration for some of the images in this years Vanity Fair Hollywood Issue. It's light on technical details and more interested in the feeling behind each of the images which is something that is rarely touched on in behind the scenes videos. His final shots are cinematic and beautifully lit and have a feel unlike most celebrity portraiture these days. Click through for the video link.

Joey L Shoots Eric Nally From Foxy Shazam

Joey L has always been a photographer that I've looked up too, he's young, he's very good at what he does and he works with some of the best people in the industry. So, thats why I was excited to see a new video tutorial from his DVD Lara Jade VS Joey L. In this video, Joey shoots the lead singer of the band Foxy Shazam on a rooftop in Brooklyn and walks you through the entire process of shooting it.

Are Out Of Focus Images Gone For Good?

Everyone who has ever picked up a camera has felt the unforgettable feeling of regret when you miss the perfect shot because of a focus problem. It's a gut wrenching feeling because you know you can't do anything about it.


Brittany McLaren Shoots "South For Winter"

In my last post I talked about how it's not entirely necessary to have an overly complex lighting set up at every shoot. In fact, it's more important to have an interesting subject lit simply, than to have something boring lit with a million lights. So, check out this great shoot from Brittany McLaren. Lit with only a beauty dish, and occasionally a big silver reflector Brittany has created some very dynamic images by combining simple lighting with an amazing location and some very cool costumes.

Lindsay Adler Shoots Her "Chroma" Fashion Editorial

A lot of times on FStoppers we see shoots that are very gear focused, after all that's what we're here for isn't it? We tend to focus on shoots that have some sort of technical wizardry behind them, but sometimes it's best to strip away all of the extras and focus on what you're shooting. In this video Lindsay Adler takes us through a very cool fashion shoot that is lit very simply using only a beauty dish and a small silver reflector.

The Making Of Jay Z's "Blueprint 3" Album Cover

Here's an oldie, but definitely an interesting video. A few years ago when Jay Z released "Blueprint 3", I saw the cover art and immediately thought that it was done in photoshop. Why would they bother to do it as a physical effect? Boy was I wrong. The artist Dan Tobin Smith did the cover as a completely physical effect.

Behind The Scenes Of Ryan Wehner's "Joy Kingdom"

Take a behind the scenes look at how the intricate ad for the game "Joy Kingdom" was created. Almost all of the elements that you see in the ad were shot as a scene, there was obviously some degree of compositing done, but the meat of the scene was done in camera. They even shot some stop motion elements using ice! I can't imagine how time consuming this shoot must have been.

How Far Would You Go For A Shot?

If you're like Nick Selway and CJ Kale, it's pretty far. They braved 110F water and floating lava bombs to capture some truly gorgeous images of lava flowing from a volcano in Kalapana, Hawaii. To top it all off, they were floating freely in the water, not on a boat or on dry land.

Caleb Kuhl's Incredible "Wild West" Photo Shoot

Take a look at this behind the scenes video and see how photographer Caleb Kuhl shoots his incredible composites for his "Wild West" series. These are very complex images and took a ton of post processing to make them work, but if you're interested in how these things are shot, you should definitely check out this video.

Tom Hunter's Photographic Recreations Of Famous Paintings (NSFW)

Tom Hunter is a London based photographer known for his beautiful depictions of the ordinary life of common people. Most of his work is loosely inspired by famous masterpieces and Flavorwire recently posted a great comparison between Tom's work and the masters that they are inspired by.

Robyn Lawley Becomes The First Plus Size Ralph Lauren Model

In the world of modeling where thin is the only way to go, model Robyn Lawley is definitely bucking the trend. She was recently hired as the first plus sized model ever to front a campaign for clothing designer Ralph Lauren.

How Douglas Sonders Processes His "Beard Series"

Douglas Sonders has been features a few times on this site with some incredible images and this series doesn't depart from that sentiment. This video walks you through the post production of his "Beard Series" and gives you some great insights into how to use some excellent Nik Software to create a beautiful high contract black and white image.

John Keatley Shoots "Bad Coffee"

Photographer John Keatley takes us behind the scenes of his latest series "Bad Coffee" and gives us a great look at how it was shot. He gives us some really interesting insights into how he deals with the with the myriad of ideas that come from working with retouchers, assistants and make up artists on a big shoot.

San Francisco 1906: Then and Now

Then and Now photos have always been common place in cases of a natural disaster, but photographer Shawn Clover, annoyed by improperly aligned photos decided to embark on his own project. After reading Dennis Smith's 2005 book San Francisco is Burning Shawn decided to create composite images of modern day San Francisco and archival images of a destroyed city after the earthquake in 1906.