[BTS] Alex Koloskov Shoots "The Magic Of Water"

Check out this behind the scenes video of Alex Koloskov shooting a very complex image of a girl holding an orb of water. In the video you'll see his lighting set up, and how he interacts with his model and if you're interested in how all of those splashes of water became an orb, check out this link to all of the images he used in the final composite HERE.

If you're interested in checking out more of Alex's work, take a look at his website HERE.

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Sadly vimeo is blocked in India !!  "Access to this site has been blocked as per Court Orders"

 sorry to hear that Sukhdeep, sounds like suppression of your freedoms to me.

Sharp water blurred hands, anyone else having a problem with that?

agree with crusty...

Do you guys think that we couldn't get hands in focus or have her eyes pointed lower it it was needed? :-)

 Alex thanks for your video, YES i definitely think you could have done either of those things and i`m positive that your finished product is exactly what you intended , my interpretation with the blur which infers movement and the eye line where it was is that she was offering the orb of water to someone or something  other worldly, but i`m sure you know as well as i that no matter what you do you are going to have people that think that they know your vision better than you know your own vision. For all the people that are trying to to pick the image apart on a technical level i think they have missed your artistic interpretation IMO. And i would encourage them to go and make and put forth their own picture and video to show everyone exactly how they would display their vision

I'm sure you could've, but I think what the guys above are saying, is that you didn't.  And the image would've been better if you did.

Jon, please define "better"? How art can be better or worse?
 More people will like it if we would do it differently? may be. But we did not do it to please viewers, we did it the way we liked.. same as for any our other shots.
And you know what? I think this is the only way to become successful at what you do, is to do it the way you like. :-))
Thank you guys!

I like the concept but must agree partly with Crusty. I don´t mind the hands not in focus but the eyes above?

I really think the blurry hands and the eyes above the water give the picture a dreamy and surreal look. In my opinion it was a great choice.
Amazing picture Alex!

Did anybody else read Alex's comments with an accent?  I sure did.

honestly nothing complicated nor interesting...  probably some times it's too easy to say "art"

I don't mind the hands being OOF, it gives it a 3 dimensional feel. However, I do agree about the eyes  focused above the water.