Robyn Lawley Becomes The First Plus Size Ralph Lauren Model

In the world of modeling where thin is the only way to go, model Robyn Lawley is definitely bucking the trend. She was recently  hired as the first plus sized model ever to front a campaign for clothing designer Ralph Lauren.

So kudos to Ralph Lauren for opening the doors to plus sized models but it brings up a few very interesting questions about the future of modeling.  Is this a big step forward for modeling in general? Are fashion houses starting to embrace what real women look like or is this just a reaction to the recent controversy over underage, underweight models?

It also makes me wonder if this girl really is "plus sized" and whether or not its a good idea for an industry to call a woman who simply has curves a thinly veiled term for "overweight".

Let us know in the comments, we'd love to know what everyone thinks about this topic.

If you're interested in this topic, you should check out a video we posted a few days ago about Israel's ban on underweight models. You can see it HERE.

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It is a sad world we live in where this is considered or called + size, poor women for having to deal with this..... as no guy would ever look at her and think she was anything other than a sexy, perfectly shaped 10. :

No guy look at her? maybe gays.

She is hot!

yeah this girl is way hot. But she's not what I consider to be plus size. Heck she is 6'2. 

She's perfect! And she actually has normal weight.

I'm getting super annoyed with people complaining about what they think plus size means. Guys, plus size does not mean "fat"....its a cut and dry definition based on weight and height. It means nothing more and nothing less. It doesn't a woman's image, her mentality, or what it even means to be big of skinny. It is SIMPLY a definition. Get off of what you think is right and wrong about what is plus sized. Its exactly the same thing as saying a bucket that holds 5 gallons of water is a 5 gallon bucket. If it holds more than that then it may be considered a "plus" sized bucket. The standard has been set and can be measured. Same as the definition of plus sized models. 

  Diatribes and analogies sure make for a great rant.  

  Surely you can share the actual "standard" that "has been set" and that "can be measured" with the rest of us.  You seem to know so much about this, I'm sure those hard numbers you've raved over are easy for you to find.  Perhaps you could enlighten the rest of us with "the definition of plus sized models".    It's a bit amusing that you took over a half dozen sentences ranting about "SIMPLY a definition" and yet failed to actually express that definition.

6'+, size does NOT make her a "plus sized" model.  She's normal and looks awesome

"So you are what the average american's size is" "Yeah" Lol. Just hilarious. 

Is it just me or is she not much larger than Christy Brinkley at the height of her modeling career? I would hardly call Ms. Lawley "plus size". Perhaps fashion designers, editors, etc. need to join the rest of us in the real world for awhile and spend a little less time with undernourished models.

It's not plus size. It's normal size.

Robyn does not look "Kirstie Alley" big. Robyn is hot! Drop dead gorgeous! Stunning!

If she's "plus size", I'm sure that many girl would just love to be "plus size"… It seems to me like sizes don't have real meaning anymore.