Caleb Kuhl's Incredible "Wild West" Photo Shoot

Take a look at this behind the scenes video and see how photographer Caleb Kuhl shoots his incredible composites for his "Wild West" series. These are very complex images and took a ton of post processing to make them work, but if you're interested in how these things are shot, you should definitely check out this video.

Have you ever tried a composite? If so we'd love to see what you've got. Let us see in the comments below!

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Cool stuff but I'd be more interested in the post processing. 

I hate to say it, because the work is incredible, but it's a heavy, heavy rip-off of Dave Hill's style, right down to the heavy use of background elements. Even the BTS videos are filmed a similar way. Maybe he assisted him or something.

You should probably link to his website, Nicholas, it's only right. There's some brilliant work on there, too. 

Yes, it's a Dave Hill wanna be.
Much too similar in style to be accidental. Well done no question, but hardly an original style.

It's a shame when styles are copied too closely, there's no need.

It's great work by Kuhl... and Dave Hill (who I think is brilliant) is also influenced by Jim Fiscus.. it doesn't diminish his work in any way.. 

You're right, when you're influenced, it doesn't diminish it at all. This isn't influenced though, this is outright copying. Although it's still absolutely brilliant, it just means slightly less, for me, personally. Even the theme is taken from Dave. 

So because Dave shot a Wild West theme that means its a copy?  So whoever originally shot an Alice in Wonderland themed shoot everyone else copied them?  Get real.  Dave and Caleb are great friends, Caleb assists Dave all the time.  

Pretty ridiculous and pointless post.

No, it's a copy because it's visually identical to Dave's work in both lighting, post processing, and composition.
I didn't say it wasn't excellent, I said it was, and I also pointed out that he probably assisted Dave.

So you can stop taking offence on someone else's behalf now. 

one could also say that Dave Hill copied from Henry Peach Robinson...

Who finances this? I.e. who is the client who payed for the photoshoot? Is it an ad for something?

Im sure its just a personal shoot.

Just a common tfp shoot for the models ;)

that is awesome......

I agree he copied Dave Hill's style to the T. There's a big difference between being inspired and copying.

Wow, yeah he is inspired by Dave Hill... But Dave hill is hardly alone with that style, just because he's the most famous one.

This was already posted on Fstoppers in the Wednesday rundown about a month ago (9-5-12).  Great photo shoot, but old news and a REPOST for sure.

I tried this composite after a wedding. We went to a street with the limo driver and shot approx 40 frames with one speedlite to get this done in around 20mins. First real composite and not its got me all excited to do more. Especially after watching this:)

You did a great job with this shoot,I really like it..

Another repeat - you had this a couple of months ago.