Turn Any Space Into an Amazing Photoshoot Location

Turn Any Space Into an Amazing Photoshoot Location

Want to know the secrets of turning any space, no matter how boring, bland, or dirty, into an awesome location for photo shoots?Photographer Kate Woodman is known for her mastery of color, but her work also stands out for the way she uses locations. Looking at her expansive body of work, one wouldn't guess how much of her work was actually shot in her own home in Oregon. By letting the location and lighting be her guide, Woodman visualizes a story inside the space and designs a shoot for the location.

In her most recent blog post, which is split into two sections, Woodman shares her secrets for turning any location--even her own living room--into a photo-shoot worthy set.

The first blog post, From Drab to Dramatic, shares the general steps Woodman takes to visualize a space and come up with concepts that fit, such as paying special attention to how light can alter the look of a space, and how color can completely change the mood of any scene. For examples, she shares work from several different locations with before and afters, but also shares several shots from inside her home, illustrating how one space can work for many different shoots.

In the follow up post, Woodman walks readers through her process for an entire shoot, transforming her living room at the last minute with plastic wrap--yes, you read that right--into a Film Noir inspired murder scene. 

These blog posts should give any photographer inspiration, and remind readers that amazing locations don't always require money and connections, just a bit of ingenuity and imagination. 

Check out the full blog posts at Kate Woodman's blog: From Drab to Dramatic 1, From Drab to Dramatic 2.

Images shared with permission of Kate Woodman

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Fantastic!! :D Thanks for the tips!

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Absolutely! Kate is an incredible photographer, there is so much to learn from her work.

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Enjoyed this very much.

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This is why I love this site. The articles and links to tips! Thanks a million.

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My kind of photographer. Killer looks. Gives me inspiration on my small apt. Most all indoor are in a space of 15 x 11 ft. Thank you, FS! Attached is a project I did in my apt. Color graded with PS and white background changed from white to a red with color picker.

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You should spend a bit more time on selections and masks.

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working on it

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Nice work.

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