Creating An Amazing Motorsports Advertising Photoshoot In Beautiful Landscapes

This shoot combines two things that I really love as a photographer: motorsports and incredible shoot locations. This comprehensive behind the scenes video captured by Ron Risman really gives you a great idea of how photographer Gregor Halenda put the campaign together. The resulting images were crisp and clean, showing off  the bikes and locale. 

According to the BTS cinematographer Ron Risman, they shot during Speed Week and had "five Days, three locations, and some of the most epic locations on earth.

Gregor has become one of the go to photographers for commercial bike companies since he is both an expert rider and very talented commercial photographer. This time, instead of the gritty streets of NYC, the backdrop was the beautiful state of Utah - and more specifically the Salt Flats near Wendover, UT; Goblin Valley, Utah; and Hurrah Pass in Moab, Utah.

REV'IT chose to come to the U.S. for their catalog shoot because of the openness and epic beauty of these three locations. It's no secret that bikers love adventure, curvy roads, and speed - and these locations allowed Gregor to capture these emotions and feelings for REV'IT's catalog. My job was to capture these same emotions and feelings for their BTS film.

This was my second opportunity to work with Gregor and once again he and his crew welcomed us and made us feel part of their family. I can't imagine too many shoot locations that will ever match the week we spent in Utah, but I'm willing to shooting and traveling to find them. I hope you enjoy the final film we created for REV'IT!. The photographs at the end of the film were some of the final images created by Gregor and his editing team for REV'IT!."

See Ron's full blog post here.

Check out some of Ron's other cinematic work on his Vimeo website.

Gregor Halenda's photography website.

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Really enjoyed the BTS video, and the pictures where great.

Love Photoshoots that double as camping trips. :)

Halenda first started doing the vacation/photoshoot with a bike trip through Newfoundland. He had very little equipment with him but the photos were very cool.