Ever Want To Throw Your Camera? Here's Your Chance

If you've ever dropped your camera, and I have, you'll know that sickening sound of plastic and metal hitting concrete and the immediate surge of fear that follows when you realize that many thousands of dollars of delicate equipment could now be mangled beyond repair. In my case it was a Nikon D3 with a Nikon 17-35mm f/2.8 attached falling from about 3 feet on to concrete. Ouch. But what if there was a camera that was DESIGNED to be dropped and even thrown?

Enter Bounce Imaging. They have developed a camera that is designed to be thrown by law enforcement and military personnel to view areas that would be otherwise too dangerous to enter.

It's a relatively simple design consisting of an amalgamation of a foam rubber exterior with cameras, gyroscopes and other bits and bobs arranged on the interior of the device. It's spongy exterior allows it to be thrown, which in turn allows the cameras to create a panorama that is then relayed back to a mobile device. All of this, in a sub-$500 package.

If it works how it's supposed too, it should replace fiber optic cables (both much more expensive options) in many situations.

This device seems like it will revolutionize the way that law enforcement personnel gather data and survey tactical situations and I can't wait for it to be into production.

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Wow, this is pretty fascinating. I wonder how long the paranoramas take to be created, and if the images are streamed directly to the men in the field, or to others who then inform them if it's safe or not. 

 the 2 are a little different.

what if its a hostile space they throw the camera into? wouldnt that just give their positions away?

As a professional firefighter I can tell you this would be worthless to fire departments.