Make Your iPhone 7 a Better Camera with These New Offerings from Moment Lenses

Make Your iPhone 7 a Better Camera with These New Offerings from Moment Lenses

Moment Lenses has been on the scene of mobile photography for a few years now and truly separates themselves from the crowd of phone lens attachments in many ways. First, their products are of damn good quality. Having shot with my Moment Lens since their first Kickstarter a few years ago, it's been a great addition to my bag of tricks while out and about shooting. Today, they are announcing their new Kickstarter to help build the next line of incredible products including a new 18mm lens, as well as a battery case and basic photo case. 

I have used Moment lenses for a couple years now with a couple iPhone iterations and can say with confidence they are the best mobile lenses on the market. They could even rival some DSLR glass by Canon and Nikon. With version 2 of their popular 18mm lens option out now, it's easy to see they are not joking around with making sure they create and also improve upon their products in a timely manner. The future is bright as they can easily push to produce plans for the current lineup of 60mm, Macro, current 18mm, and new SuperFish lenses as well. 

Their goal this time around is to raise enough funds to finish out the next phase of their product line. This includes a brand new 18mm wide-angle lens option that is optimized specifically for the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus along with a battery photo case, as well as a basic photo case. There's various offerings to back them here on Kickstarter

If you are an enthusiast or even a professional photographer that might want to get a little more out of your mobile device while not having to sacrifice quality, this is where it's at for becoming truly mobile with your shots. 

Press release and further product details from Moment Lens on each specific new product below. 

  • Battery Photo Case: Extra power is still the number one product segment within phone accessories, and yet no one makes a battery case that combines power and photography. People who shoot on their phone are constantly running out of power, so we made a new type of battery case… the Battery Photo Case.
  • Photo Case: All of us have friends who buy cheap, $30 cases on Amazon. Many of those same friends love to take pictures on their phone, and, to date, there hasn’t been a minimal case that provides basic protection, photography, and an affordable price. Our new Photo Case introduces a whole new segment of thin cases, one for people who use their phone as a camera.
  • New Wide Lens: Designed specifically for the larger aperture phones, this new lens delivers the best image quality on the market at half of the price of a Zeiss lens. Its new interface also means no more metal mounting plates required to attach a lens to the phone.

What do you think? Have you tried shooting with mobile lenses before? Are there any out there you think would rival the quality that Moment is currently putting out? Love to hear what you think in the comments below. 

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According to the kickstarter page, the picture you put of the Brooklyn Bridge is the one without the lens

So here's the problem. I would probably only invest in lenses like these if I intended to use my iphone for professional-ish work. The only type of professional-ish work I would generally consider doing on my iphone would be video work. In order to do said professional-ish video work, I would need a set-up that could incorporate ND filters to better control my shutter speed. These lenses however do not have a filter thread or any system (that I'm aware) for incorporating a ND filter. So, I just don't see a point.

If I was not a photographer who owned a real camera, and only had an iphone, but was really into taking pictures with it, perhaps I would consider it. But, this means that the audience this product would appeal to is people who like photography, but not enough to be really serious about it. You're probably not going to find too many people like that on this site.

Oh I thought the same thing but I have made a breakthrough with some hardware. Since you are into video I'd start out with this little gem!/1-33X-Anamorphic-Adapter-Lens-for-iP...

Then follow up with this!/52mm-Filter-Mount-for-Moondog-Labs-L...

They also have mounts for the moment lens system!/52mm-Filter-Mount-for-Moment-Lenses/...

After that you can either budget and grab the cokin evo system with a 52 mm adapter ring.

If you want to ball out you can go with a Lee seven5 system

You should be able to mount whatever filter your heart desires after this monster rig comes together.