John Keatley Shoots "Bad Coffee"

Photographer John Keatley takes us behind the scenes of his latest series "Bad Coffee" and gives us a great look at how it was shot. He gives us some really interesting insights into how he deals with the with the myriad of ideas that come from working with retouchers, assistants and make up artists on a big shoot.

In the view John is working with 8 people on set and instead of simply saying "I'm the Photographer, I make the rules" he is willing to take input from his retoucher or his make up stylist and use it to make an image that is better than he could have done on his own. Now obviously at a certain point you have to take charge and accomplish your vision but it certainly brings up some interesting questions about teamwork and what can come from collaborative efforts in a creative field.

So what about you? Do you work with a crew on your shoots and if so, are you shoots more of a group effort or do you run the show yourself? Let us know in the comments.

Interested in seeing more shots from this series? Check out John Keatley's blog HERE.

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He seems like a bloody nice bloke! 

I appreciate any photographer going after a concept and making it real, doing their thing. This one just seems... kind of boring to be honest. But more power to him man. 

Everything looks neat, except the background doesn't look like rush looks like a nice quiet morning on a not-busy-at-all street.