Lindsay Adler Shoots Her "Chroma" Fashion Editorial

A lot of times on FStoppers we see shoots that are very gear focused, after all that's what we're here for isn't it? We tend to focus on shoots that have some sort of technical wizardry behind them, but sometimes it's best to strip away all of the extras and focus on what you're shooting. In this video Lindsay Adler takes us through a very cool fashion shoot that is lit very simply using only a beauty dish and a small silver reflector.

So It just goes to show that when you can't afford a huge set or an incredibly expensive lighting set up,  all you need is a fashion designer to design a crazy wardrobe for you and a world class model.

Oh wait, I'm not sure I got that right....

The point remains though, you don't always need the gear to create great images, it just take knowledge and a big of creativity. Have you ever done anything like this? Let us know in the comments below!

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you can tell that big wall of windows is giving some extra back light, like at 2:19 and in most the images

Even though I can be a bit of a gear freak I do like this sort of video as in reality - it's the creative side I need to improve on. Would be nice to hear some of her direction or see some post. Will check out her blog.

She will be doing a class on retouching on Creative Live in 2 weeks

Thanks for the info Eric!

 Excellent!!  Thank you!

Thomas, I disagree.  Shots look to be in pretty narrow aperture with a seamless bg.  Very easy to kill all ambient indoors.   I'd bet that its 100% studio lit without ambient.   You can see the bg strobe in a couple shots.   

Hey guys! It is 100% studio lit. My aperture in the studio is usually about f11-f16. I had two lights on the background, a beauty dish on her face, and reflector for fill. There was no ambient light being recorded! 

 I love to be correct.  lol!  Excellent work!!

nice job lindsay :-)

Yes, the pictures look 100% Studio lit. However, I was wondering how you treiggered the flashes. Is that a cable that I saw there? Oh and you're using Broncolors it seems. Happy with it? I'm thinking about changing to a Senso A4 etc.

Looks like the backdrop is lit with a couple of strobes, 45° to the background, set to meter about 1f over the the main light source, so they blow out the backdrop, the 70cm beauty dish (main light source) comeing in camera right, with reflector under the chin to bounce back some light from the beauty dish. Or something along those lines.

Lol I wasnt quick enough in posting!

Love, love, love!

is there also a v-flat bouncing the light from the beauty dish (~180 degree angle) at 01:43? :)

Doing this today! Wish me luck!