Only One Week Left! Fstoppers and Are Giving Away A Blackmagic Cinema Camera

Only One Week Left! Fstoppers and Are Giving Away A Blackmagic Cinema Camera

We have teamed up with to give away what may be the most anticipated video camera of 2012, the Blackmagic Cinema Camera. This camera is has a 2.5k sensor that shoots in 12-bit Raw with 13 stops of dynamic range for less than $3000. Up until now, these specs were only available in cameras over $10,000.

Just like our last 3 major contests, this is a Facebook contest and it is extremely easy to enter. 

I've been dying to get my hands on this new Blackmagic camera and when Danny from contacted me about this contest idea, I was really excited. Since this camera still isn't available yet, the winner of this contest will be one of the first use it.

If you have any history in video production or editing I'm sure you've been to but if not, basically their website is a one-stop-shop for royalty free music and sound effects. They are extremely picky about what sounds and songs make the cut and therefor their massive catalog is much better than your average royalty free site. For more info on them I would suggest checking out their website and their blog.

Just like our other Facebook contests, this one takes about 3 seconds to enter. All you have to do is go to this link, enter your email (so that we can contact the winner), and "like" both Fstoppers' and Premiumbeat's Facebook page. Anyone that signs up for the contest through a link that you share will result in 2 additional entries. On September 28th we will choose one lucky winner.

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Is it possible to enter any of your contests without having a Farcebook, ahem, Facebook account? There are still Fstoppers readers that choose not to be on FB.

neat prize and all but, having to "LIKE" something just makes me not want to enter. :) I just don't know if  i like  them or not. Fstopper's facebook page, there is to many pinhead trolls, i asked a question of one person and a shit ton of dipshits try answering for this guy then get mad i don't want their guesses as to what the answer is, so i unliked that page a while ago.
I think i'll pass on this contest as well.

To the other 2 comments. Great you dont like Facebook. Did we need to know this about you ? Do you walk into coffee shops just to tell others inside that you dont like coffee ? 

John, I don't seem to remember addressing you or any other reader for that matter. My question was directed at and was a genuine concern of mine. Next time I suggest you actually read the comment before throwing in your two cents. Enjoy your coffee.

Answer to question one:Yes.
Answer to question two: No.

I wanna win

This would be awesome i have been saving up to buy a dslr for film making for over 4 months now if i won this it would be great

who won?

 ...and the winner was...


Yeah...who won? LOL

hey if you wanna just give me a 5DMKii instead of that camera listed... I AM OK WID DAT! :)



who won?

Hopefully on september 28th you will choose one winer! This year :) Because ... you did not! I just wanted to remaind you!