Couple Uses a GoPro In Bride's Bouquet

The GoPro camera has been responsible for some of the most incredible and in your face videos of the past few years, but this is something a little different. San Diego Photographer Ben Horne decided to put a GoPro HD Hero 2 in his bride's bouquet to create a really unique wedding video.

So despite the fact that the camera wasn't in the bouquet wasn't in the camera for bouquet toss, it's still a really interesting idea that made for some very interesting angles that would be otherwise unobtainable.

Let us know what you think of this really cool idea in the comments! Is this something you would try?

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If it was her idea - no wonder he wanted to marry her.

Was waiting whole movie to see them throw the bouquet to see the video from air and the bouquet being caught, maybe on world's second! Great idea and all best to them!

The toss video would have been the pinnacle.

Real nice idea, missed a trick though by not throwing the bouquet with the gopro in the air!

When I first saw the title, the first thing I thought was, "That bouquet toss should be cool".  Sadly, it was a missed opportunity.  I understand they don't always use the original bouquet but it was kind of disappointing non the less.  On another note, not sure how the new gopros handle in churches and such but my original gopro is grain city indoors.  Kind of like the bouquet toss in that video.  

They lost me with "World's first...."

I find it presumptuous when people self claim "Best, first, longer, biggest" etc etc

Horrible idea. They seem always aware about the camera. Isn't the idea of having a videographer shot your wedding is that you can enjoy the day with your guests. How is that any different to having a point and shoot in the grooms hands? I feel sad when I see guests looking at their best friends saying 'I do' through their camera/iphone screen, so seeing the bride maneuvering her bouquet in such a way not to miss a shot is very, very sad.