Daniel Linnet Shoots For Top Gear Magazine

Check out this very cool video from Daniel Linnet as he shoots for Top Gear Magazine. It looks like the images were shot with Kino Flo lights and lasers and creates some stunning final images.

Check out the final images and let us know what you think. Have you ever experimented with lasers before?






From Nick:

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 I know the laser beam can destroy your sensor...
PhaseOne is so durable?

that was really cool.. but doesn't lasers screw up camera sensors?

I'm pretty sure that's only if it's beamed directly into the sensor

 I've heard that too, but then again Jeremy Cowart (is that his name I can't remember right now?) swears it's fine and he's done it loads of times. Perhaps it's only dangerous if you aim it straight at the sensor?

They use fog for the lasers to show, otherwise it's only when it hits an object. So it's safe unless directily into the lens.

It is if the beam directly hits the sensor - I read a while ago where a photographer was filming in a nightclub and a laser swept across the front of his 5D MKii, leaving a "dead" line across the sensor.

It's more likely to happen if you are videoing as the shutter is open all the time, but much less likely if you are photographing.

We sell a ccd camera that is used to align multiple lasers so that they are all shinning on the same spot. These lasers are directly hitting the chip. This works fine as long as the laser power isn't cranked too high

^ Thats what can happen with lasers and sensors

Were they wearing safety glasses? Yea, one can replace a camera if it becomes toast; but one cannot replace sight.