Behind The Scenes of Lois Greenfield's Amazing Dance Photography

Lois Greenfield is an amazing dance photographer based out of New York City and this video will take you behind the scenes for an in depth look at all aspects of her process.

The video covers it all, from letting us watch an actual shoot, to giving us insight into her camera selection, some of the gear she uses, and even some very interesting information on her background and her inspiration.It's a long video, but it's definitely worth your time.

So what does everyone think? Is anyone inspired to try anything discussed in the video?

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*Lois ..not Louis

Anyone have any idea what kind of fan they are using?  I want one.

I think it's this one:Varibeam ReFan II Turbo Wind Machine. It has a burst button that  hits full force when pushed and released. It also allows from 45 to 10 degree angle. They are awesome to work with.

 Thanks dennis.  Looks like I need to save up my dollars...  I'll be sticking to home depot fans for now.  

Product Link:

Lois Greenfield is a genius and an unbelievable artist. I wish this interview had been conducted by someone who was more interested in what she was saying than what was on his ipad and who could have spurred along the conversation in an artistic direction rather than making wisecracks or rushing to the next question. Also, if he already "knew this question was coming" why did he need the ipad????