Behind the Scenes of the Third Biggest Film Production City in North America

Have you ever had aspirations to shoot for the movie industry? To travel to some of the most notable cities in the world? To rock the streets of New York City, Shanghai, Detroit, LA, London, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Paris? Well I hate to burst your bubble (actually I kind of get off on it) but chances are you're going to end up in my new hood, Vancouver, BC, Canada. It's not all bad. I've traveled from one end of this planet to the other and have been fortunate enough to call many of those cities home. So when I tell you that Vancouver is a pretty kick ass town for photographers and filmmakers, I want you to understand my meaning. Vancouver has a lot to offer the film industry. Not the least of which is it's chameleon like ability to represent other cities. Which is why it's the third biggest film production city in North America, behind Los Angeles and New York (well, that and the tax breaks). This video by Tony Zhou and Taylor Ramos provides a very unique look behind the scenes of Vancouver's film industry and what it takes to transform it's diverse landscape into what ever, where ever, you need it to be.

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Hehe I liked this, So many recognizable shots I didn't knew where done in Vancouver. But I think Europeans in general know all about stereotype places. Nowadays its either London, Paris, Venice, or some eastern european fictional town/pore place,(you know where the villain is born) which portrait Europe according to hollywood.

I live in The Netherlands, Not Amsterdam. There is more then channels, windmills and cannabis. My city (Rotterdam) was chose as the best European city in 2015 with some amazing modern architecture and set locations. yet I bet almost non of American people know it. cos stereotype viewers needs to go to Amsterdam to make it look like "Holland", same goes for having the western minister in movies about London, Eiffel tower in Paris etc.

I live in Vancouver as a is not a kick ass place for down right sucks actually. Its just a pretty place on the map and thats it. It is good if you are into video and movies but not so much photography.

I suppose it's subjective. Because from my stand point it kicks ass. My client base is growing like mad and is super diverse.